Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Extremely happy with the performance of Heidelberg machine purchased from Goodmachine

Offset Machines Dealer
Just wanted to let you know that the Heidelberg Machine seems to be working fine. It’s been two years now, and we haven’t faced any issues as regards the performance or quality of output. We must admit that we made a very good decision of purchasing a second hand machine from Goodmachine. This decision has helped us to save a lot of money. We recommend this Offset Machines Dealer to everyone who is on the lookout of buying a used machine at attractive prices. Of course, to ensure a longer life, one needs to take some preventive maintenance steps, but otherwise, it’s a great deal at a great price!

An Overview of 3 Types of POLAR High-Speed Cutters

Print shops aspiring to buy Used Polar Cutting Machines may contact Goodmachine, an eminent dealer of printing equipment.
Used Polar Cutting Machines

POLAR high-speed cutters are renowned world over for their top-notch performance and user-friendly features. The N generation of machines, for instance, provides a simple network integration as well as intuitive guidance for the operators. The good part is that there is POLAR equipment for every size, be it half, medium, or large.


The compact POLAR D 56 machine comes equipped with performance-enhancing options, hydraulic drive units, and several other attractive features. This is a programmable machine, which guarantees exceptional cutting precision and longevity. Then there is the D 56 ECO, which brings on board an ergonomically arranged control panel with 5.5" monochrome display and extra low-profile keyboard. The best part is that repeat sequences may be saved in one of 198 available memory positions. The D 56 PLUS comes outfitted with an 18.5" touch-screen display and 1998 memory positions.

Medium Size

The POLAR Autotrim M in the medium-size segment is highly programmable and automated equipment, which offers the ease of cutting strips into labels. For getting rid of the waste emerging from edge trim or intermediate cutting, there is the POLAR N high-speed cutter, which offers automatic cutting waste removal system. Further, the mobile aligning station ensures automatic removal of cut labels from the front table of the machine to the right side. A great advantage of installing this range of new or Used Polar Cutting Machines is that it can also be used for conventional cutting tasks.

Large Size

The POLAR N 155 high-speed machine finds its application in offset class 100 × 140 cm. This machine can easily be used on formats having diagonals up to 1,550 mm. However, when using larger sizes, one needs to ensure that the material to be cut must be turned on the front table. Often revered as the all-rounder, the N 155 PLUS features a 18.5“ touch-screen color display, automatic graphic programming, change-over measurement system, graphic operator guidance system with various language packages, configurable user interface, and OptiKnife knife & changing system.

Those on the lookout of Used Polar Cutting Machines may get in touch with Goodmachine, a reputed and trustworthy dealer of printing equipment. Here’s All You Wanted to Know About Polar 115 – The Most Widely Used Polar Cutting Machines in India.

Friday, 30 September 2016

When it comes to offset machines, we look no further than Goodmachine!

We have been dealing with Goodmachine for almost 3 years now. During this time, we never faced any issues in terms of quality/performance of machines, delivery schedule, or customer service. This company excels in all the three departments! Whenever we are in need of Offset Printing Machines, we simply let them know the details of our requirements, and they provide us with the exact equipment within our budget. Their customer service team is also very helpful and gives quick response to our queries. All in all, we are extremely satisfied with the services of Goodmachine and wish to continue working with them in the future too!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Factors Influencing the Occurrence of Dot Gain in an Offset Press

Print shops on the lookout of second hand offset printing machines may contact Goodmachine, an eminent dealer of printing equipment.

Dot gain is one of the most common ink related issues that may crop up while working on offset printing machines. During the process of transferring ink from plate to paper via the blanket, the ink, at times, gets squished, resulting in dot gain. There may be several factors that influence the occurrence of dot gain, some of which are enumerated below:

1.      Properties of ink

Of course, the ink itself may be the primary cause behind such instances. The ink viscosity has an important role to play in this scenario. Viscosity basically implies the resistance of ink to flow.  When the viscosity is low, the ink exhibits a tendency to spill beyond the limits of where it was actually intended to be applied.

2.      Temperature of the oscillating rollers 

With the help of an infrared sensor, one may measure the temperature across each side of the oscillating rollers. Experts suggest that the optimum temperature should be 27 degrees Celsius, as this will ensure the least amount of piling. 

3.      Pressure

The amount of pressure applied plays an important role in this aspect, be it from blanket to blanket, plate to blanket, or form roller to plate.

4.      Blankets

Old blankets may trigger the occurrence of dot gain. At times, just using a new blanket does the trick to get rid of the problem.

5.      Machine

If the machine is too worn out, particularly its bearings, gears, and rollers, it may cause dot gains.  Those on the search of a used Adast printing machine or any other branded second hand printing press may get in touch with Goodmachine, one of the most reliable offset machines dealer in the country. All machines sold by them are in great condition and perform as good as new. Here’s An Overview of the Most Popular New & Used Adast Dominant PrintingMachines

6.      Ink and water balance  

If the proper ink and water balance window is not being followed, then it may be one of the reasons behind the issue.

Of course, there are several other factors that play a role in this context, such as plate wear, roller settings, paper, and many more. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Whenever we have a need of used machines, you are the first destination we go to!

We have been dealing with Goodmachine for quite some time now. We must say that we have received excellent support from them in the areas of machine purchase and customer service. We have been very satisfied with the product quality, on-time delivery, and reasonable pricing. All of the transactions went through very smoothly. Their support has been a major driver in our company's success and has helped us to emerge as a reputed print shop. Whenever we have a requirement of Used Adast Dominant Printing Machines or any other machine, we rely on them, and they always treat us with prompt service and an outstanding level of professionalism. Here’s wishing them good luck in all their endeavours!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Great products and even greater service!

This is to let you all know that the Komori machine is up and running. We are extremely satisfied with its performance. We hereby extend our gratitude for all the support rendered to us by the team of Goodmachine. It is undoubtedly a dream to run and own such a machine. It hits the desired numbers every day without giving us any issues. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you, and we are sure that this is only the first deal of the many we will have with you. We highly recommend your services to all those who are searching for a reliable and expert Used Komori Printing Machines Dealer.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Super fast delivery & high quality machines! Thank you Goodmachine!

Just wanted to give some feedback regarding the Used Bobst Die Cutting Machines, which we bought from Goodmachine. It’s been a year now since we purchased them and they have been performing amazingly well, without any problems. We couldn’t be happier with our die-cutting machines. A special thanks to the team at Goodmachine for the fast shipment of the equipment. We must admit that we are very impressed with the on-time delivery, quality of the product, and of course, the reasonable pricing. All in all a great deal! Thank you and looking forward to many more years of mutually beneficial relationship with this company! We highly recommend Goodmachine to all those who are on the lookout of buying printing equipment.

Friday, 19 August 2016

All you Wanted to Know about the Future of Commercial Printing

With commercial printing still in vogue, one may buy used offset printing machines by contacting Goodmachine, the country’s most reliable dealer.  

While some people may opine that custom printing is on the verge of getting extinct, the truth is that it is very much alive and will continue to exist for many more years to come. Here’s a brief insight on why this medium has a radiant future.

An impactful & sensory experience 

Compared to what one sees on the computer screen, a print is way more impactful. This is primarily because it renders a sensory experience. The fact that it is tangible, adds to the influence it has on the reader’s mind.

Packaging will continue to exist

There is no denying that boxes, cartons, and to some extent, signage, will continue to exist for quite some time. For all these materials, custom printing is essential.

Brochures are still an important marketing tool

Statistics reveal that the most common types of commercial printing projects include brochures, sales promotions, invitations, announcements, posters, advertising material, packaging, corporate documents, and publications. Graphic displays, particularly brochures, still play a major role in marketing strategies. Of course, someone must be reading them, or else, companies wouldn’t allocate budgets for distributing them.

Technologically Advanced Features in Presses

Press manufacturers are coming up with new and advanced features on their machines. The new launches are now equipped with digital or intuitive elements, thereby making it easier to carry out the jobs. Companies are always on the lookout of Offset Printing Machines Importer from where they can buy branded and hi-tech presses, which are fully adept at catering to the varied requirements of their projects.

Instantly captures attention

On any given day, an individual’s email inbox is full of unopened mails, most of which are spam. However, it is a well-designed printed write-up that grabs immediate attention.

Commercial printing does have a vibrant future. Those who understand it are surely making full use of the opportunity.

Companies wanting to buy Second Hand Offset Printing Machines, may get in touch with Goodmachine, a reputed dealer of Used offset Printing Machines. Here’s All You Wanted to Know About the Future of Second Hand Offset Printing Machines in India.

Friday, 12 August 2016

When it comes to printing equipment, Goodmachine is the way to go!

We were looking to install a new offset printing press at our print shop. We knew that a new branded machine would be very expensive. But then, we did not want to compromise on the quality too. Then, one of our customers mentioned about Goodmachine. They said that they sell second hand branded machines at affordable prices. We immediately contacted them, and to our amazement, we found a Heidelberg Printing Machine at an extremely attractive price! It’s been more than six months since we’ve been using this machine, and it has been performing well beyond our expectations. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found out about this dealer. Now, we source all our printing equipment from this company!

Monday, 1 August 2016

An Overview of the Most Popular New & Used Adast Dominant Printing Machines

Companies wanting to invest in Used Adast Dominant Printing Machines may contact Goodmachine, the country’s most reliable dealer. 

ADAST is a leading-edge manufacturer of printing presses. Its multicolor offset printing presses are renowned world over for their reliability, longevity, and high performance. All the machines have been manufactured by complying with various internationally recognized standards. The company has been bestowed with several certifications, including ISO 9001:2000, FOGRA, and GS. The rich line-up of products caters to the varied requirements of commercial print shops. Each of them has been manufactured keeping in mind the present challenges of the industry. Here is an insight on the two most popular new and used Adast Dominant printing machines:

Omni Adast 807

Available in two, four, five, and six color configurations, this press offers excellent aqueous coating. It has been designed to provide supreme standards of automation, ergonomics, and precision. Further, it also ensures a decrease in makeready times. It is fully capable of producing a wide spectrum of printing work on a wide range of paper stock. FOGRA compliant, this machine boasts of technically advanced features, such as diagonal register, vacuum feeder, quick action plate clamping system, automatic inking unit washer, lubrication unit with automatic control, inking unit with zone ink keys, pneumatic control, and many more.

Omni Adast 507

Offering two, four, and five color configurations, the Adast 507 is a class apart. Apart from the standard functions of vacuum feeder, auto-ink washer, inching by a separate motor, single-system feeder head, GRAFIX Digital powder sprayer for high pile delivery, and several others, the machine also provides the option of integrating semi-automatic plate changer, blanket washer, and quick-adjust Perfector. In the technical department, it renders a maximum printing speed of 12000 impressions per hour and a minimum speed of 3000 impressions per hour. While the Feeder pile height is 940 mm, the low delivery pile height is 420 mm and the high delivery pile height is 880 mm.

Companies in need of used Adast Dominant printing machines may get in touch with Goodmachine. This is by far the largest dealer and importer of used Adast Dominant printing machines. It also has on display a wide range of presses of other popular brands including Komori, Bobst, Heidelberg, and many more.  

Monday, 11 July 2016

All You Wanted to Know About Polar 115 – The Most Widely Used Polar Cutting Machines in India

Those aspiring to buy Used Polar Cutting Machines in India may avail the services of Goodmachine, the country’s largest dealer for second hand printing machines.

Revered as the best high-speed cutter for size 63 x 88 across the globe, the POLAR 115 delivers exceptional performance. Featuring the excellent OptiKnife knife changing system along with a range of programmable functions, this machine is a class apart. Further, it is simple and easy to operate, and offers the best resale value. It is also renowned to provide shorter makeready times as well as higher efficiency as compared to its rival brands. Those wanting to install used polar cutting machines in India may choose between any of the below-mentioned model variants:

N 115 PLUS

This programmable model comes outfitted with an 18.5'' color-display and Touch-Screen operation. Offering supreme standards of longevity and reliability, it is an ideal machine for daily use of all types of standard cutting work. Its intuitive cutting program generation via block programming ensures shortest make ready times. Then there is the POLAR-Positioning-System DPS, which renders a mechanical positioning accuracy of 1/100 mm. 
N 115 PRO 

Offering a 22“color Touch-Screen, this programmable model caters to sophisticated cutting jobs. Some of its remarkable features include order-specific programmable parameters, label & distortion correction, and many more. It is fully capable of increasing the productivity by almost 20%. By integrating peripheral equipment such as lift, jogger, buffer, loading & unloading systems, this machine can be converted into to a high-performance cutting system.

N 115 AT

This is also another programmable model which comes equipped with a capacitive 21.5'' TouchScreen display. With a knife speed of 45 cycles per minute, it provides automatic trim removal, real image preview for high end applications, and a wide spectrum of other options for precise and accurate cutting jobs.  

There is no denying that this machine is the perfect fit for those who want precision and profitability simultaneously. Another advantage is that when there is a surge in demand, it can be upgraded to create a state-of-the-art cutting system, merely by adding peripheral equipment. Print shops on the lookout of Used Polar Cutting Machines in India may get in touch with Goodmachine, the most trustworthy dealer and importer of Polar cutting machines and other branded printing equipment.